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Square and Round Dancers, Clubs, Callers, and Cuers:

Here is the opportunity to advertise your club/class schedule, special dances, or perhaps your personal business in the online SSBF program. 


Color Ads -

No extra charge!

Only $25!

Steps to submission:

  1. Send your ad to David Dewey.​

  2. Send you money to Brandt Braunschweig.

  3. Send your contact information to both.

Options to submit:

  1. Click here to access the form and follow the instructions for submission. ​​

  2. Complete the online form, below, email your ad to David Dewey, click the PayPal logo to pay.

  3. Some combination of these steps.

Electronic Submission

  • Complete and send this information

Thanks for submitting!

  • Click the PayPal button to pay electronically.

  • Put "Advertising" in the Message field.

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