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Learn to Dance


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Did You Know?

Do you remember square dancing back in your school days?

Modern, western square dancing is an intellectually stimulating, physically invigorating, health enhancing, socially engaging activity that costs less than going to a movie.

It is a world wide community comprised of millions of dancers all sharing the love of the dance and having fun. And, it is universal the world over. This feat is accomplished by having one square dance language, English, and one set of standardized choreography. The community is unlike any you may have experienced. We, and the entire dancing community, eagerly welcome all individuals, couples, and families wishing to try square dancing.

Learning opportunities can be a traditional class, an accelerated three-day course, or what is known as an ABC dance. These experiences are unique. Not only are they fun, the attendees quickly meld into a group of friends enthusiastically sharing the common experience. The new dancers may well establish long lasting friendships extending beyond the dance floor.

Dance clubs are virtually everywhere. A dancer who has mastered a series movements is welcomed and can dance anywhere in the world, period! The emphasis is on the word welcomed. It is a one-of-a-kind experience.

For Your Health

Adding to the joys of dancing is the fact that it is good for you. The list below provides are some of the health benefits of dancing:

  • Tone your entire body

  • Improve posture and balance

  • Increased stamina and flexibility

  • Reduce stress and tension

  • Build confidence and skills

  • Help fend off illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis, and depression

  • Dancing can burn as many calories as walking, swimming, or riding a bicycle

  • The side to side movements of many dances strengthens you weight bearing bones

  • Make new friends

Dancing Basics

No matter which learning method you choose, you will learn a group of basic movements (termed calls) that are then used to form dances. Think of it this way. There are only thirteen notes in the musical scale but composers arrange these notes to form thousands of songs. In much the same way, a caller arranges the basic calls to form different dances.

Square dancing is a group dance for eight persons. This group of eight is coined a square. In a square, two dancers form a couple and align themselves on each of the four sides facing into the center of their group. There are no set patterns for a dance. The dancers have learned a number of moves which the caller then puts together to form the dance. The caller "calls" out these moves and the dancers execute the "calls". The dancers do not know which moves will be called next. Usually all dancers move together, although some calls are executed by just four people.

As a rule, Clubs dance twice a month with breaks through the summer. Most clubs dance in the evenings or weekend afternoons. Light refreshments are often available to encourage socializing. Visiting multiple clubs in a month is common within the dancing community.

Dress is always causal when learning, and many times casual during dances. Each club decides on attire. Comfortable shoes are a must for all.

Dancing is easy on the wallet. All this fun and entertainment costs less than the price of a movie. And despite common thought, there are no competitions. Square dancing is recreational and done strictly for the fun of it.

Instruction for new dancers generally begins in September/October; some may start in January/February, others every 90 days. Look at our Calendar to find an introduction dance and get in on the fun and excitement. You'll thank yourself for the rest of your life!

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  • The British Columbia Square and Round Dance Federation developed a video titled Dancing Keeps You Young. It's a little dated but still incredibly accurate! Click Here to view.

  • Click here to view some videos that show how varied the people, attire, and music are within the square dance community.

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