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Visiting Clubs

Chesapeake Squares Ambassador Dance 2-6-2024
Ambassador Dances

The MDSDF Ambassador program was started many years ago by Emma Hahn to promote inter-club visitation, and to provide each participating club with guaranteed visitors on one occasion per year.


Scheduling dances:

  • Each participating club designates one of their dances as their Ambassador Dance by coordinating with the Ambassador Dance Coordinator.

  • "Ambassador Dance" may or may not be the only theme, as the club wishes.


Attending dances:

  • Each club commits to send two dancers to each Ambassador Dance (including their own).

  • Dancers pay the usual guest fee when visiting.

    • If your Ambassadors are also members of the host club, in order to count, they have to pay as visitors.

  • A sign-in book is maintained for the dance series.

  • Some clubs have made "Ambassador" a club position and sent the same dancers to all of the dances. Others send different people to each one, and use your own dance to recognize somebody in your club who has volunteered.


Hosting dances:

  • The host club introduces the Ambassadors (with as much or as little ceremony as desired) and presents them with a nominal gift.

  • There are no set rules as to the value of the gift; it could be something purchased, something handmade, something with some club connotation, or something somebody wants to get rid of.

  • Typically, the value is about the same as the guest fee.


The participating clubs and the expected Ambassador Dance dates are:


  • Tom Thumbs, first Friday in October

  • Friendship Squares, third Friday in November

  • Chesapeake Squares, announced Tuesday in February

  • Four County Squares, March Sunday dance


To join the program and schedule an Ambassador Dance at your club, email John Blaisdell, Ambassador Dance Coordinator.

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