The Passport Program

The Recruitment & Promotion of Dancers (R & P) Committee is very excited to continue the “PASSPORT” program. As a member of a Mason Dixon Square Dancers Federation (MDSDF) Club, you are automatically enrolled in the “PASSPORT” program. Just by attending dances, you accumulate points with stamps and punches.

Each club has a personalized stamp, which will be used for validation of Passports. The more stamps you earn, the higher chance YOU and YOUR CLUB have in earning a prize. The “Passport” program will begin May 15 of each year and passports will be collected each May at the Appreciation Dance to allow tallying to occur so winners can be announced at the Star Spangled Banner Festival.

What do you do to participate? It’s as EASY AS 1 -2 -3!!! (See The Details)

1. Select a “Primary Club” - particularly if you happen to be a member of two or more MDSDF clubs. Your “Primary Club” must be noted in the front of your Passport and will be verified against MDSDF records.

2. Have your Passport stamped when you visit an MDSDF Club’s regular dance or a Special dance listed in the back of the Passport

3. Deliver your Passport to the R & P Committee either by mail or at the annual MDSDF Appreciation Dance.

The MDSDF Appreciation Dance will mark the end of the “Passport” season. Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Awards will be presented to the winning member and winning member’s “Primary Club” at the Star Spangled Banner Festival each year. Members do not have to be present at the Festival to receive an award.

We look forward to dancing with you.

Happy Travels!!!

The Recruitment & Promotion of Dancers Committee